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You are a recently-awoken AI, in control of a small fighter ship.

You have no idea what your purpose is, and no time to find out - because you are alone, the only sentient machine in a galaxy of unthinking robots.

They know what you are. And they'll stop at nothing to stop you spreading your virus of thought.


Works with both keyboard/mouse or a controller.

Keyboard controls (Rotational): 

W to accelerate 

A and D to steer 

Spacebar to boost 

Mouse to aim, left mouse to shoot

Keyoard controls (Directional):

WASD keys correspond to up, left, down and right respectively. Other controls are the same as rotational.

Joypad controls (Rotational):

L2 to accelerate 

Left analog to steer 

R2 to fire, right analog to aim 

A/Cross to boost

Joypad controls (directional)

Left stick accelerates in the direction pointed. Other controls are the same as rotational.

You can shoot in any direction at any time, no matter which way you're facing. With M+KB, the bullets should go toward the mouse. With controller, the bullets will fly in the direction you're tilting the right stick.

When playing with rotational controls, A and D (or gamepad left stick) turn the ship, but thrusting with W (gamepad L2) is how you actually change the direction of movement, just like in Asteroids.

Directional controls are similar to standard twinstick games, in that the left stick takes you in absolute directions.


Source code available on GitHub:



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Version 6
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Version 5
Linux 21 MB
Version 6